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About Tommy Curl

Tommy Curl sells fine art originals and prints. His originals are primarily acrylic on canvas, and he also offers art prints for sale on canvas and paper. Tommy has a pop-contemporary style that many liken to the work of the surrealists from days gone by. His artwork is unique in its concept, and his style stands out from the crowd.

Trees of Life - Artwork by Tommy Curl

Life is Art — Art is Life

Tommy Curl has been an artist his whole life. It's something that comes naturally, and he figures his creativity is an amazing gift he was born with. His style of painting and illustrating makes his work unique, and it's unlike other artwork you see on the market today. His paintings represent his personal point of view, and you can recognize his body of work by the consistent expression of his original style. You don't need to see the signature to know it's Tommy Curl's work.

Painting in his free time for more than 25 years, Tommy has always been an entrepreneur. He owns an auto glass business (he calls that his "official profession"), but he has always enjoyed being creative and putting his thoughts on canvas in a mesmerizing way. He just loves it when people view his work and find it grabs their attention and makes them think.

Convenient Online Store

Tommy Curl recently had his work in a gallery show, and he now offers his original art for sale in his online store. Discover canvas originals that vary in size and prints that are available in your choice of two sizes. All orders include free shipping within the United States. His artwork is affordably priced, and you're sure to find a great piece to decorate your home or office.